At 17, Oyinlomo Quadri has Nigeria’s tennis dreams on her shoulders | Naija.NewsBurrow

At 17, Oyinlomo Quadri has Nigeria’s tennis dreams on her shoulders | Naija.NewsBurrow

Oyinlomo Quadri’s wishes to surpass Serena Williams’ grand slam accomplishments

Tennis is among the couple of sports Nigeria has actually not handled to burglarize the international top 10 rankings. Apart from Nduka Odizor, who went as far as the fourth round of the 1983 Wimbledon Championship, no Nigerian gamer ever has actually done anything of note in the grand slam of the sport that continues to mesmerize ardent fans in Nigeria whenever the big champions come up.

Such icons as David Imonitie, Tony Mmoh, Yakubu Suleiman, Sadiq Abubakar, Godwin Kienka, Rolake Olagbegi, Jonathan Igbinovia, Veronica Oyibokia and Esther Isibor (nee Onyekwelu), among others, when had the country dreaming of joining tennis major league, however they never handled to get to that stage.

Considering that the exit of these icons, Nigeria has not raised stars sufficient to challenge the elite of the African video game, let alone joining the global stage. But there appears to be fresh hope that at last, the nation has somebody, who has the possible to become a world star provided her existing advancement trajectory.

Oyinlomo Quadri is just 17, but she has already become Nigeria’s number one women player.

Just like her idol, Serena Williams, Quadri began playing the video game, when as a four-year-old, she accompanied her older sis to training sessions.

She told The Guardian, “Maturing, I was really connected to my sibling and I followed her to train at a location called Akagbe, right in front of City Shopping center and not so far from Lagos Lawn Tennis Club where my father had a sports store.

” Back at Akagbe, my sibling’s coach saw me and I think he saw just how much I enjoyed being on the court and just how much I took pleasure in picking balls for my sis and learning from her. He encouraged me to begin playing for 30 minutes, initially to develop my abilities.

” Later, the coach and my father entered of Lagos Lawn Tennis club, so things ended up being a lot easier for me due to the fact that I might just practice and train with him. The facilities in the club were much better than what we had in Akagbe. They had standard courts, which indicated I might use much better courts and for as long as I wished to. It was much easier for me to combine school with tennis since, at that point, my routine was from school to the club and back home.”

With her moms and dads’ support, Quadri has been working on her dream of one-day meeting and going beyond the grand slam records set by Serena Williams, who she ranks as the best women tennis gamer of perpetuity.

She stated, “My parents have constantly told me that I could beat Serena Williams therefore when I played alone, I would generally picture I was playing in the grand slam versus Serena.

” My dad sees how tough I work to train and be much better and my mommy is constantly helpful of me. There have actually been times I would be unfortunate and cry after a match and I would call them. I am always grateful for their support. I believe parents should be more encouraging of their children’s dreams due to the fact that it is extremely essential.”

Quadri initially played only in the Lagos circuits and was not understood outside the city. She got her development when she played at a U-16 competition at the age of nine and made it to the finals.

” That was when I got observed,” she continued. “Shortly after this, I was welcomed to represent Nigeria in a tournament in Abuja where I beat the champion. After that, I went to the African Junior Championship (AJC) qualifiers for West Africa in Abuja and I won the qualifiers and then proceeded to the main AJCs for Africa, which remained in Tunisia and I made it to quarterfinals where I lost.

” The following year, I played AJC qualifiers and won again and I made sure to play at other competitions before playing at the main AJC.

Quadri stated playing in big competitions has helped her development, describing; “My coach at the time, the late Chris Enahoro, desired me to go to an academy. I was at a competition when I was asked if I would want to go to the high-performance Centre in Morocco. It was the very best choice for me since it is an ITF accredited centre. The Nigeria Tennis Federation likewise trusts them to provide outcomes, as we have had some Nigerians who also went to the centre. When the chance came, we took it instantly.”

Quadri is not simply the country’s primary females tennis gamer, however she is also the only Nigerian in the top 100 juniors ranking. And she states being the country’s primary ranked player at age 17 has motivated her to look for greater obstacles.

She stated; “I like to advise myself what I have been able to achieve and see it as a way of making more enhancements. I just try to keep my mind focused on being better till I am the finest there is. I am Nigeria’s primary women tennis player now, however I want to be number one in Africa and the world.

” For as long as I can remember, I have actually striven at achieving the goals I set for myself. I won ITF juniors Under-18 when I was 13 years old, and at that point, I was the youngest worldwide with that ranking. So, I think my biggest inspiration is to do much better than my best achievements and beat my best records. And I am blessed because I am surrounded by individuals who encourage me to be better and support me.”

Ouadri, who states she has been following Roger Federer given that she became aware of the video game, believes the previous world number one male gamer has all the qualities that make the game extremely easy.

According to her, “Since I was little bit, I have always seen Federer as a motivation. He has handled to make tennis appearance simple and his peace is nearly infectious.

Outside tennis, Quadri wants helping the susceptible in the society, which she does through her foundation, Combination Foundation.

” It is something my brother or sisters and I established as a way of giving back to society,” she said. “Right from when I was younger, I have always been close to tennis ball kids and I see a few of them fight with things like food and even clothes.

” Whenever I see them, I ask what competitions they have played in and many times they have not had the opportunity to play and it simply breaks my heart.

According to Quadri, the most significant obstacle to Nigeria’s tennis advancement is the lack of sponsorship and insufficient tournaments, adding; “I believe tennis is undervalued; it is tough to get sponsorships. I believe the federation must work on getting sponsorships so there can be more tournaments for gamers to establish themselves in.

” Many gamers in Nigeria just wait for the significant tournaments like CBN and after that, they simply hang their rackets till the list below year.

At 17, Oyinlomo Quadri has Nigeria’s tennis dreams on her shoulders

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At 17, Oyinlomo Quadri has Nigeria’s tennis dreams on her shoulders


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