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Getting a automobile can be an amazing experience, however it needs a savvy mind. There is more to buying a cars and truck than simply examining for damages or paint finish.

A careless automobile purchase can mark the start of an endless cycle of visits to the mechanic, unnecessary costs and disappointment. With Nigeria spending 676.3 billion on the importation of used vehicles in between 2018 and 2019, it is essential to understand the true state of an automobile, before you make that purchase.

As a first time (or repeat) automobile purchaser, what should you watch for as you seal the deal?

1. Mishap History

Among the most essential questions to ask a vehicle dealership at the point of sale is the mishap history of a car. And if the cars and truck has actually been involved in an accident, to inquire about the level of damage to the chassis, which is the skeleton of the cars and truck.

Typically, dealerships will try to conceal this information from a buyer, however a point-blank concern on this should reveal the true state of things.

Unofficial reports have actually mentioned that 70% of the automobiles that are imported into Nigeria are accidented. That is they have been involved in some form of mishap, then imported, and upon delivery, fixed and packaged and after that resold.

It is more affordable for a cars and truck dealership to buy a mishap vehicle, and after that increase his profit margin by selling for a significantly higher rate than expense price.

Ordinarily, the fact that an automobile has been involved in a mishap decreases its value, however, if this reality is concealed, the negligent buyer could still wind up paying the market price or an even higher rate for it.

Though selling an accidented automobile is not unlawful, it would be unethical for a vehicle dealership to conceal this possibly harmful fact from a purchaser (which is why everyone needs a fantastic mechanic. Cars And Trucks45’s GoMechanic45 is a great location to begin)

Omololu Adebayo a Technical Operations professional with Automobiles45, speaking on the result of a mishap on the chassis of a cars and truck states, “If the chassis of a vehicle has actually been damaged in an accident, the alignment of the cars and truck may be off and this will ultimately wear on the tires of the vehicle. This will require the purchaser to continuously alter tires routinely.”

Understanding the complete information of the accident history of a cars and truck is very important, to determine the level of the damage and whether or not to move forward with such a purchase.

2. Engine-Transmission

If an automobile was associated with a significant mishap, the air bag will be deployed. The airbag can be changed, in the case of a severe accident, the air bag light from the Breakdown Indication Light (MIL) will remain on, signalling a malfunction.

The MIL is the screen of lights on the control panel of a vehicle that indicates the state of the engine. According to Omololu Adebayo on the concern of the MIL, “If you turn on the ignition of any automobile, all those lights should come on, but when you begin the engine, the lights must go off.

To conceal the fact that there has actually been a mishap or there may be a fault with the automobile, a shady automobile dealer might obstruct out the sign light, to toss off a potential vehicle buyer.

It is necessary to ask the dealer about the state of the engine-transmission of a car, before going ahead with the purchase. PS. If you currently have a vehicle, you must get it checked. You can head over to any Automobiles45 area and get your car examined for N5,000, and you can likewise have them come to the comfort of your house for N10,000

3. Exhaust Smoke

There are three colours of smoke that vehicles give off– black, blue or white. White smoke is an indication of a significant issue with the cars and truck.

Generally, when an automobile engine just starts running, the exhaust produces white smoke and after a while, this disappears. If the smoke continues, this can be an indicator of a major malfunction.

Water is streaming into the combustion chamber or cylinder of the engine, blending with fuel and air. This is as a result of engine overheating and might even need a replacement of the entire engine or simply the head gasket.

Blue smoke is an indication of wear and tear on the engine of the cars and truck, which may also necessitate an overhaul of the engine. Blue smoke, which is the worst of the three, is a substantial red flag and a vehicle that releases blue smoke needs to not be purchased.

4. Rust

The chassis of a vehicle, which is its skeleton is prone to rust, especially if overexposed to water. It is necessary when purchasing a vehicle, to look for extreme rust particularly below the lorry.

Rust in the suspension parts of a lorry, that includes the shock absorber, guiding system, wheels, is especially harmful due to the fact that this could go undetected for a long time and is challenging to replace.

A vehicle with severe rust is likely to collapse or break off all of a sudden. Rust can be easily hidden with paintwork. This is why it is essential to examine beneath the cars and truck for indications of rust. (Cars And Trucks45 provides one-year service warranty anti-rust underbody finish)

Serious underbody rust

5. Files

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, between 2018 and 2019, Nigeria invested N1.08 trillion on the importation of utilized automobiles and bikes into the nation.

To access into the nation, these vehicles need to be cleared by the Nigeria Customs Service, upon which a Customs clearance document will be provided. The custom-mades clearance document is a crucial file to request from a dealership or seller before acquiring a vehicle. This is to prevent being bothered by Customs authorities on the highway who are watching out for smuggled or taken cars.

It is not advisable to buy a cars and truck without proper paperwork.

6. A/c

Another important part of a vehicle to inspect prior to a purchase is the air conditioning system. A malfunctioning air conditioning unit, while not a sign of any internal fault, will be hard to fix. This is due to the paucity of capable a/c unit specialists. If a car’s air conditioning unit is malfunctioning, it might need replacing the whole system.

Finally, it is essential to go with a relied on mechanic to an automobile dealership, prior to acquiring a car. The mechanic needs to bring together with him, the OBD scanner. The scanner allows the mechanic to fish out any faults that may have been hidden by the stopping of the Breakdown Indicator Light (MIL). Cars And Trucks45 can supply you with professional technicians to choose you for a pre-purchase inspection.

Purchasing a cars and truck, specifically a very first time purchase is typically interesting, however that excitement can be short-term if one ends up with a liability instead of an asset. Pick that automobile carefully! And after that, treat it with pride when you lastly get it (who understands, you can swap it later on, for a better one).

Considering Purchasing A Cars And Truck? Here’s What You Should Know

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Considering Buying A Vehicle? Here’s What You Must Know


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