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Kogi Guber: Former Legislators Unite to Endorse APC’s Ododo for Governorship

Kogi’s Future: Ex Legislators Unite Behind APC’s Ododo for Governorship

Kogi Guber: Forum of Ex Legislators endorse APC Candidate, Ododo

Kogi Guber: Former Legislators Unite to Endorse APC's Ododo for Governorship

Kogi Governorship Endorsement: APC Ododo gains strong support from Former Legislators, signaling a united front for the upcoming election.

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In a bold move that could potentially reshape the political landscape in Kogi State, the Forum of Former Members of the Kogi State House of Assembly has thrown its weight behind Alhaji , the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate, in the forthcoming November 11 Governorship Election. The announcement came during a Press Conference held in Lokoja and was met with anticipation and excitement.

The Chairman of the Forum, Hon. Alhassan Adakeke, revealed the Forum's decision after a series of deliberations, consultations, and engagements with their constituents across the state. He emphasized that this endorsement was not taken lightly, as it would have far-reaching effects on the thousands of supporters across Kogi State.

The decision to back Ododo was based on a comprehensive evaluation of the candidates in the race. The Forum believes that this choice is in the best interest of the state. But beyond the endorsement itself, the Forum went further to commend Governor Yahaya Bello for his equitable distribution of projects, poverty-reduction policies, and his success in fostering unity in the state through a โ€œdetribalized approachโ€ to governance.

Adakeke praised Governor Bello for building enduring legacies of development, unity, and progress in Kogi State. He asserted that Bello had steered the state towards the path of greatness and national consciousness. The Forum Chairman's passionate words highlighted the positive impact that the Governor had made in the state.

The APC Governorship Candidate, Ahmed Usman Ododo, received glowing endorsements from the Forum. He was described as the most qualified, experienced, prepared, and best-suited candidate for the job. The Forum Chairman emphasized that Ododo possessed character traits of a great leader, including accessibility, humility, brilliance, and a notable absence of the negative drama that had marked the histories of his competitors.

But what sets Ododo apart is not just his character and experience. It's also his alignment with the plan of the Tinubu Presidency. With at the center of this plan, Kogi State's support for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is unwavering. The Forum made it clear that electing a candidate who opposes this economic plan is not an option for them. Their vision is to make Nigeria a true giant of Africa, and they see Ododo as an integral part of that vision.

Kogi State holds a central position in Nigeria's political landscape, and the Forum is determined to keep it firmly in the hands of the ruling party. Governor Yahaya Bello's track record of leading the APC to dominant victories since 2015 is a testament to the party's strength in the state. The Forum's commitment to this cause is resolute.

The Forum also expressed its desire to see the ongoing revolution in education, health, agriculture, youth and , and infrastructure continue under the leadership of someone who understands the development path of the current administration. They stand for consolidation, continuity, and a united and prosperous Kogi State.

In conclusion, the Forum of Former Members of the Kogi State House of Assembly's endorsement of Ahmed Usman Ododo reflects a significant State's political landscape. With their support, Ododo has a strong foundation for the forthcoming Governorship Election. This move also underscores the Forum's belief in continuity, development, and the economic vision for Kogi State and Nigeria as a whole.

As the election date draws near, it remains to be seen how this endorsement will influence the political dynamics in Kogi State. Will it pave the way for a new chapter in the state's governance, or will it further strengthen the ruling party's grip on power? The future of Kogi State is at a crossroads, and the decision made by the Forum of Former Members of the Kogi State House of Assembly is sure to spark conversations and debates among citizens and political observers alike.

We welcome your thoughts and comments on this critical development. Join the conversation and share your perspectives on the Forum's endorsement, the upcoming election, and the future of Kogi State. Your voice matters, and together, we can shape the destiny of our beloved state.

Nigeria NewsBurrow News Network encourages a vibrant exchange of ideas and respectful discourse in the comments section below. Let your voice be heard, and let's build a stronger, more prosperous Kogi State together.

As Kogi State gears up for its upcoming Governorship Election on November 11, the endorsement of Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo by the Forum of Former Members of the Kogi State House of Assembly has sparked considerable interest. Their decision to back the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate comes after careful consideration and extensive consultations with their constituents.

This endorsement reflects the confidence placed in Ododo as the most qualified, experienced, and prepared candidate for the role. His message of consolidation and continuity, coupled with his character traits as an accessible, humble, and brilliant leader, sets him apart from the competition.

Furthermore, the Forum recognizes the importance of key projects like the Ajaokuta Steel resurgence in the economic recovery plan of the Tinubu Presidency. Their desire is for Kogi State to continue its path of development, especially in areas such as Education, Health, Agriculture, Youth and Women Empowerment, and Infrastructure. With the support of the Forum and other like-minded individuals, they are committed to a united and prosperous Kogi State.

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Kogi Guber: Former Legislators Unite to Endorse APC's Ododo for Governorship

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