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Tragedy Strikes in Plateau: Seeking Justice for the Farmer Slaughter in Kassa Village

Ruthless Slaughter in Plateau: A Family’s Cry for Justice

Horror in Plateau – The Sun Nigeria


Tragedy Strikes in Plateau: Seeking Justice for the Farmer Slaughter in

Farmer Slaughter sends shockwaves through the community, demanding justice for this horrifying crime.

Unearthing the Unthinkable: Plateau State Farmer Slaughter Shocks Nigeria

In a heart-wrenching incident that has sent shockwaves throughout Plateau State, the unimaginable horror of August 24, 2023, unfolded, leaving the tight-knit community of Gassa in disbelief. On that fateful day, Dara Joshua Deme, an innocent farmer working on his , fell victim to a gruesome act of violence, a horrifying tale that has left the nation seeking justice.

Paul Joshua, Dara's grief-stricken son, recounts the events that will forever haunt him. It was 7 pm on that ill-fated Friday when his mother noticed Dara had not returned from the farm, an unusual occurrence. Alarmed, they embarked on a journey to the farm, seeking answers and assistance.

The involvement of Operation Safe Haven (OPSH) added to the eerie atmosphere of the night. Their quest was hindered by the rugged terrain and impassable roads, causing the soldiers to delay their search until daylight. As hours passed, Paul's mind raced with terrifying possibilities.

With courage, he rallied local youths to accompany him back to the farm after the soldiers left, fearing for his father's safety. What they encountered in the dim moonlight was a sight from a nightmare – Dara, bound with a cow rope, lifeless, and brutally slaughtered. It was a scene that defied belief and left Paul in anguish.

Holding the blood-stained rope in his trembling hands, Paul can't help but be haunted by its presence. The rope, a grim reminder of his father's cruel fate, is a heavy burden he carries. His anguished plea for justice reverberates in the hearts of those who hear his story.

Ngo Tabitha Joseph Deme, the aged , paints a vivid picture of their earlier years as a young couple. In an era where bicycles were the talk of the town, their love story began. She fondly remembers the days when their journey as husband and wife started, marked by simplicity and shared dreams.

But the brutality of that fateful day lingers in her memory, creating sleepless nights and a profound sense of loss. The incomprehensible manner in which her beloved husband was taken from her leaves her grappling with unimaginable grief.

The shock and horror ripple through the community, with Dara Thomas Pam, a close ally of Deme, sharing his account of the day's events. He recounts their usual farm routine and how he tried to convince Dara to leave the farm due to the heavy presence of descending from the hills. The stubborn insistence of Dara to finish his work marked their parting, a decision that would have devastating consequences.

As the news of Dara's gruesome death spread, it sent shockwaves through the community. In their pursuit of justice, there is a growing fear that a new wave of crime, perhaps driven by shadowy elements or the introduction of a sinister ideology, threatens their once-peaceful existence.

The authorities, represented by the in Plateau State, have taken action, arresting 17 suspects connected to the , , and armed robbery. Among them are the suspected killers of Dara Joshua Deme, a glimmer of hope for justice.

However, the Deme family remains skeptical, fearing that their financial constraints may hinder the pursuit of justice. The horror they have endured demands that justice be served, ensuring that the memory of their beloved Dara lives on as a symbol of the fight against such atrocities.

Naija NewsBurrow News Network stands with the Deme family and the in their quest for justice. This shocking incident serves as a stark reminder of the need for vigilance against the rising tide of violence. We invite our readers to join the conversation, share their thoughts, and support the pursuit of justice for Dara Joshua Deme. Together, we can ensure that this dark chapter in Plateau State's history is not forgotten, and that justice prevails.

Tragedy Strikes in Plateau: Seeking Justice for the Farmer Slaughter in Kassa Village

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