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Niger State’s Rice Revolution: Governor Bago Unveils Bold Plan to Transform Rice Mills

Revolutionizing Niger’s Rice Industry: Governor Bago’s Bold Vision

Bago laments poor state of Niger rice mills, pledges solution

State Rice Mills

Niger State's Rice Revolution: Governor Bago Unveils Bold Plan to Transform Rice Mills

face a promising future as Governor Mohammed Bago unveils plans to revitalize the struggling industry.

Reviving Niger State's Rice Industry: Governor Bago's Vision

In a resounding declaration, Niger State Governor Mohammed Bago has voiced his concerns about the state's rice mills, despite Niger's stature as a leading producer of in Nigeria. This has ignited a spirited commitment to revitalize the rice industry and bolster local agriculture.

Addressing the Challenge:

Niger State has long held the title of Nigeria's top producer of paddy rice. However, Governor Bago, during a peer review visit to , couldn't help but notice the significant disparity in rice mill . While Kano boasts the largest rice mill in , Niger's mills, in contrast, were in dire need of improvement.

This imbalance raised a fundamental question: How can Niger State leverage its potential to bolster its economy and offer its citizens a brighter future? The solution, as envisioned by Governor Bago, is to create a robust framework for within the state.

Empowering Local Farmers:

One of the governor's primary goals is to empower local farmers by providing them with superior seedlings and agricultural inputs. This investment aims to increase both crop yield and farmer income. By harnessing the abundant natural resources of Niger State, including its arable land, Governor Bago seeks to promote self-sufficiency and regional prosperity.

To kickstart this transformation, an agreement is in the works between the Niger State Company and Gerawa Rice Mill. This memorandum of understanding (MOU) is set to be a turning point in ensuring that local farmers reap the benefits of their hard work.

Revamping Infrastructure:

The commitment to revitalizing Niger State extends beyond agriculture. Governor Bago's administration is also focused on improving infrastructure. With the purchase of 200 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) powered buses, the government plans to provide affordable options, benefiting both students and civil servants.

Furthermore, groundbreaking has already begun on the construction of approximately 566 kilometers of roads. This ambitious project aims to improve connectivity and foster economic growth within the state.

Niger's Hidden Gems:

Niger State is more than just a leading producer of paddy rice; it's a land blessed with abundant resources. The state boasts four hydropower damsβ€”Kainji, Jeba, Shiroro, and Zungeruβ€”and offers an astonishing 76,300 square kilometers of arable land. Additionally, the state is home to the Shagunu Beach, the only white sand beach in West Africa.

The governor's vision is to harness these resources to ensure the well-being of all Niger State citizens and mitigate the challenges that may arise from the removal of fuel subsidies.

Addressing Insecurity:

Governor Bago acknowledges that Niger State has faced its share of insecurity, which has sometimes overshadowed its potential for growth. However, he firmly believes that the security situation does not define the entirety of the state. While insecurity issues exist, they affect only a small percentage of the state's vast territory. The government is making concerted efforts to ensure that everyone in Niger State enjoys safety and prosperity.


Looking forward, Governor Bago plans to host the Green Economy Summit, aiming to capitalize on the untapped potential of a green economy in Nigeria. Niger State is home to the largest congregation of shea trees globally. This resource, seen by many as a hidden gem, offers significant opportunities for sustainable economic growth.

Governor Bago's vision is to aggregate these valuable resources and exchange them for carbon credits from multinational companies, thus contributing to the fight against .

Join the Conversation:

Nigeria NewsBurrow encourages readers to engage in a thoughtful conversation about the transformation of Niger State. Do you believe Governor Bago's vision can lead the state towards a brighter future? What strategies would you suggest for mitigating the challenges posed by climate change? Share your thoughts and contribute to the dialogue on this promising journey towards revitalizing Niger State.

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Niger State's Rice Revolution: Governor Bago Unveils Bold Plan to Transform Rice Mills

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