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P&ID UK Court Verdict: Justice Prevails as Nigerian Lawyer Cleared of Corruption Charges

Landmark Verdict: UK Court Exonerates Nigerian Lawyer in P&ID Case

Olasupo Shasore

The P&ID Saga: A Triumph for Justice and a Wake-Up Call for

In a dramatic turn of events, the Royal Court of Justice in London, United Kingdom (UK), has unequivocally cleared , a former Lagos State Commissioner of Justice, of any wrongdoing in the highly controversial arbitration case between Nigeria and the Process & Industrial Development Limited (P&ID). This landmark verdict has finally put to rest years of allegations and speculation, vindicating Shasore and raising critical questions about the Nigerian government's approach to and international arbitration.

For years, the , backed by its , had vehemently accused Mr. Shasore of negligence, insisting that he consistently pushed for a settlement that would compromise Nigeria's stance. To make matters worse, allegations of bribery and corruption were flung at Shasore, implying that he had accepted bribes from P&ID to betray his own country. The stakes were incredibly high, with the arbitration potentially costing Nigeria almost half of its 2023 budget.

However, the UK court's verdict, delivered by the esteemed High Court judge, Robin Knowles, has shattered these allegations. In a decisive ruling that saved Nigeria from an to P&ID, Judge Knowles proclaimed that Mr. Shasore's actions throughout the arbitration were neither corrupt nor compromised. Instead, they were a testament to his unwavering commitment to the interests of Nigeria.

The court's assessment of Mr. Shasore's conduct, as detailed in the judgment, sheds light on the integrity and diligence of this seasoned legal practitioner. Far from working against his country, Shasore's counsel played a pivotal role in steering Nigeria's course during the legal proceedings. He advised Nigeria to conduct thorough investigations, secure expert evidence, and proceed promptly—a strategy that proved sound and consistent.

Furthermore, Shasore's participation in various settlement discussions helped in reducing the astronomical figures at stake. A review of the transcript from the hearing on liability revealed that he repeatedly challenged P&ID's claims, making a compelling case in favor of Nigeria. These actions showcase Shasore's unwavering dedication to securing a favorable outcome for Nigeria, even when faced with formidable odds.

But this verdict doesn't merely exonerate Mr. Shasore. It also raises pointed questions about the Nigerian officials who were quick to place blame on him. Judge Knowles placed responsibility for failures to obtain evidence and avoid delays squarely on many ministers and officials within the Nigerian government. It is a glaring reminder that accountability and responsibility in the pursuit of justice should extend far beyond a single individual.

Significantly, the court's judgment revealed that Abubakar Malami, Nigeria's former and also a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, did not believe Mr. Shasore was corrupt. If such allegations had any merit, why, then, did the government engage Mr. Shasore to represent Nigeria in another arbitration in subsequent years? The glaring inconsistency between these actions and the accusations only highlights the need for a more prudent and comprehensive approach to such legal matters in the future.

This landmark verdict also extends its impact to other lawyers who were implicated in the case, including Ibrahim Dikko, Hafsat Belgore, Folakemi Adelore, and Ikechukwu Oguine. The court found insufficient evidence to support allegations that these legal professionals were bribed by P&ID. Instead, it affirmed the integrity of their efforts while serving as Director of to the Ministry and General Counsel to NNPC. This further underscores the importance of evidence and fairness in making accusations in such high-stakes legal battles.

The P&ID saga dates back to 2012 when the company accused Nigeria of reneging on a Gas Supply Purchasing Agreement (GSPA) contract. The contentious agreement tasked P&ID with constructing and operating an Accelerated Gas Development project, while Nigeria was to provide natural gas for the project. Disagreements and a failure to secure land allocation led to an arbitration that lasted over a decade.

In 2014, Nigeria engaged Mr. Shasore to represent the country in the arbitration. By 2017, P&ID had secured a favorable verdict, resulting in a substantial financial penalty for Nigeria. The government's subsequent allegations of collusion between its legal team and P&ID further muddied the waters of this complex legal dispute.

In a shocking twist, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) sued Mr. Shasore for alleged , claiming he paid $100,000 to Folakemi Adelore. Despite these allegations, Mr. Shasore maintained his innocence and was granted bail by the Federal High Court in Lagos in October of the previous year. The court's recent ruling in the UK challenges the validity of these accusations.

It remains to be seen whether the EFCC will continue with the trial in light of the British court's judgment. This verdict undoubtedly casts the Nigerian government's allegations in a different light, raising questions about the evidence supporting such claims.

The P&ID arbitration case serves as a stark reminder of the complexity and significance of international legal disputes. It highlights the need for a more balanced and evidence-based approach when accusing individuals or legal teams of wrongdoing. Moreover, it underscores the importance of accountability and due diligence within the government's legal machinery.

In conclusion, the UK court's verdict in the P&ID case is a triumph for justice and a significant turning point for Mr. Shasore and the legal professionals involved. It is a clarion call for Nigeria to reassess its approach to international arbitration cases, ensuring that allegations of corruption and wrongdoing are grounded in substantial evidence. This verdict should not merely be seen as a legal exoneration but as an opportunity for Nigeria to refine its legal strategy and prioritize accountability and justice. The P&ID saga, with all its twists and turns, leaves us with more questions than answers, urging us to reflect on the complexities of international legal battles and the need for a more robust and evidence-based approach.

As we look to the future, this verdict provides an opportunity for Nigeria to recalibrate its legal strategies and work towards a more just and transparent approach to international arbitration. Let us hope that the lessons learned from the P&ID case will lead to a more equitable and accountable legal system for all Nigerians. Join the conversation by sharing your thoughts and comments on this pivotal judgment.

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P&ID UK Court Verdict: Justice Prevails as Nigerian Lawyer Cleared of Corruption Charges

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