Fraud in AKTH as patients decry concession of payment system | Naija.NewsBurrow

Fraud in AKTH as patients decry concession of payment system | Naija.NewsBurrow

Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital

Management of Aminu Kano Teaching Health Center (AKTH) has introduced examination into accusations of theft and scams in the health center. Some members of the medical facility staff presumed to have actually been associated with the financial misappropriation are presently going through internal disciplinary action pending the outcome of the probe.

Profits running into millions of naira generated from medical services are stated to have been missing out on in the hospital, a development which compelled the management to concession payment system in the medical facility.

An internal memo obtained in the health center showed that effective from January 13, 2021, all pay points were to gather payment through Point Of Sales (POS), signalling adoption of the cashless system in the health center.

The memo, signed by Ag. Head of Department, Account and Finance, AKTH, Amusa Toyin Ibrahim, stated that just and other than pay points at General Out Patients Department (GOPD) and National Medical Insurance Scheme (NHIS) would be entrusted to money payment and collection till January 25, 2021, when cashless policy is fully embraced.

With the brand-new policy in location, the medical facility management has actually engaged the services of money representatives to get payment of drugs, test, admission and other medical services from the clients.

The service is anticipated to attract additional cost as service fee. The concession plan has immediately limited the account officers from physical contact with cash.

On the other hand, clients have actually revealed concerns over sudden cancellation of money payment and subsequent foisting of cashless policy in the tertiary health facility.

Dissatisfied with the new service choice, customers are regreting that the cashless system is causing another difficulty on them. In addition to the problems, patients are alleging that the concession is another means of exploiting them.

Abubakar Aminu, a relative of among the ill persons in the medical facility, accused the management of passing off cashless policy on bad clients who are struggling to source money to foot their medical costs.

Abubakar firmly insists there is no authentic reason to enforce another round of suffering on relatives of the ill, who are currently burdened with stress and depression.

Haruna Yahaya, who was also at the health center to support a patient, revealed issue that the brand-new system was not too excellent to all classifications of patients.

He lamented that not everyone runs bank account, not to mention, owning BANK CARD. He advised the management to go back to the money payment without extra charges.

Also, Mustapha Ibrahim implicated AKTH management of shifting responsibility to the clients, when it was, in fact, the healthcare facility’s responsibility to stem difficulties developing from health care delivery.

” The new system is wrong in the sense that family members of clients will now make extra expense as service fee to the money agents. This is wrong because bulk are bad. People are suffering to fulfill the medical expense which is still expensive to an avarage individual. We need the Federal government to Step In,” Mustapha said.

A reputable source revealed that countless naira are being siphoned through the physical money remittance. The case of N750 million to name a few fraud allegedly perpetrated by staff of the hospital are currently under examination, The Guardian collected.

The hospital, it was found out, had actually not been able to preserve a trustworthy financial software application to block the relentless misappropriation as numerous platforms introduced failed.

Responding to the advancement, spokesperson of the health center, Hajiya Hauwa Abdullahi, who was sorry for the hassles the cashless system might have cost the clients, described the management decision was obliged to suppress leakage.

Although Hajiya Hauwa rejected any delibrate effort to exploit clients as alleged by the complainants, the representative insisted the service charges are considerably minimal on the contrary.

Attested to revelation of fraud being perpetrated by personnel of the hospital, Hajiya Hauwa revealed that management recently discovered the tactics deviced by the staff to defrauding the health center particularly through the money payment system.

She disclosed that while complete scale investigation is still in development, the management introduced cashless policy and concession of payment as an immediate service.

” We adopted the policy to block leak. Just recently, examination performed exposed how some deceitful components stole the medical facility’s profits through the collection points.

” And do not forget, the cashless policy is that of Federal government and firms are also anticipated to adopt the system to minimise corruption and misappropriation of public funds. It is regrettable that the policy is impacting our patients specifically those that have no other means to pay besides with money.

” To that impact, AKTH management engages services of the money representatives at every pay indicate gather money with a minimal charge for service. The charge is #50,00 for now and the management is still examining the policy to minimize the charge down to #30,00

Asking whether the suspects are dealing with EFCC or ICPC upon investigation, Hajiya Hauwa stated examination remained in development internally.

” Currently, they are under examination and as soon as the examination is concluded, required action will be taken versus them. You understand in civil service, you require to follow due procedure. You can not simply sack individuals. We can guarantee you that investigation will reach logical conclusion.

” They are still suspects and up until the investigation is concluded and they are found guilty before you call them perpetrators. And when found guilty, they will be dealt with according to civil service rules.”

Fraud in AKTH as clients decry concession of payment system

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Scams in AKTH as clients decry concession of payment system


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