Somalia leaders fail to reach deal on elections | Naija.NewsBurrow

Somalia’s president, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, who is seeking a 2nd term, told parliament on Saturday his administration “made compromises on everything” to secure a last-minute arrangement throughout talks with local leaders in Dhusamareb, about 250 miles (400 km) north of the capital, Mogadishu.

The president implicated Jubaland and Puntland, two of Somalia’s five semi-autonomous regions, of failing to compromise and consequently scuttling an earlier deal to hold indirect parliamentary and presidential elections in late 2020 and early2021

Somalia was plunged into mayhem after the 1991 topple of president Siad Barre’s military program, leading to years of clan warfare followed by the increase of al-Shabaab, which once controlled big parts of the country and capital.

Somalia leaders stop working to reach deal on elections

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Somalia leaders stop working to reach deal on elections


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Written by Funmi Aiyelomo


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